Tibshelf Parish Council

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Three meetings at Tibshelf Parish Council

will be held on Tuesday 31st January 2023:

Village Hall Management Committee at 6:00pm

Meeting Room behind the Village Hall  Agenda:  (PDF | Word)

Resources Committee at 6:30pm

Meeting Room behind the Village Hall  Agenda:  (PDF | Word)

Health and Safety Committee at 7:15pm

Meeting Room behind the Village Hall  Agenda:  (PDF | Word)


Cemetery Tarmac Repair

On Monday 9th January 2023, the Tibshelf Parish Cemetery will have work done to repair the parts of the current tarmac path and install new sections.
The cemetery is expected to remain open, but some sections of the path could be unusable for a temporary period. Please plan your visits accordingly.
Update 19/01/23: It is expected the work will continue into the week commencing 23rd January due to poor weather causing delays.



Tibshelf Neighbourhood Plan

The Tibshelf Neighbourhood Plan has now gone through the necessary consultation periods and we are now appointing an independent external examiner to look at the Plan.

He/She will make sure the Plan conforms to all legal requirements and advise us of any changes we need to make before the final stage, the referendum.

All those entitled to vote will then have an opportunity to have their say on if we adopt the Plan or not.

To see a copy of the Neighbourhood Plan, visit: tibshelfneighbourhoodplan.org



Tibshelf Parish Council Office

The Office can be visited: MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY – 9 A.M – 1 P.M

Outside of these hours, the Clerk can be contacted by phone and email:

01773 875093       theclerk@tibshelfparishcouncil.gov.uk


Council Documents

General Data Protection Regulations

Please view our policy adopted by the Parish Council on 15th May 2018. If the Parish Council hold your data they will only use it for the purpose it was collected and will not share it with any third party unless you have been informed and given your consent

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Council Documents

Audit of Accounts 2021/22

Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2021/22

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External Auditor Certificate Year End March 2022

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Council Documents

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