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Past and Present

This section of the site is managed by the Tibshelf Local History and Civic Society

Tibshelf Church from the North

Photos of the Past


Look at photos that show Tibshelf as it was prior to Second World War and indeed earlier. Photographs of the village as it now, and which will be posted on the site later will show how much, or how little Tibshelf has changed.

Tibshelf Town Station

Tibshelf’s Railway

Tibshelf Town

Tibshelf & Newton Station

Doe Hill Station

View some of the old photos of Tibshelf’s old railways. Take a ride back into the past and chug along the tracks of time.

Carnival Queen Tibshelf

Tibshelf at Play

It’s Carnival Time

Look at photos that show Tibshelf’s past Carnivals showing off floats and crowned Carnival Queens.

Tibshelf Pit

Tibshelf’s Industries

The Mines

The Oil Well

View some of Tibshelf’s Industries.

Tibshelf From the Air

Tibshelf From The Air


Photographed by a Tibshelf resident, Mr. George Wilson of High Street. Dating 1950/1915

Tibshelf Map Overview

Past Unforgotten


Tibshelf street names and names of other locations which have now disappeared, plus significant events in Tibshelf’s recent history.