Tibshelf At Play – It’s Carnival Time

The crowning of the Carnival Queen by Charlie Wass, a local luminarie. Also in the photo is the, then, local midwife, Nurse Morriss, and Mr. Reynolds. The dresses were made by local dressmaker, Mrs. Reddington who lived at 28, Spa Croft (Photograph kindly loaned by Mrs.Joyce Holmes).

A colour retouched photograph of the principals at the first Tibshelf Carnival in 1935. The Carnival Queen in the pink dress was Miss M. Irons, and the carnival King in the pale blue jacket was Roy Hall. The attendants were D. Smith (far left), and Joyce Woodland (far right), with Bill Gardner at the back (Photograph kindly loaned by Mrs. Joyce Holmes).

A bevy of Tibshelf Belles from Carnival 1952 The Carnival Queen was, I believe, Sylvia Bingham, and her attendants, left to right were Jennifer Smith, Christine Bingham, ????, Vivian Holmes  I (A future Carnival Queen I believe), Dorothy Caunt and ?????? If you can fill in the gaps, please let us know.
More Tibshelf Belles from earlier times, but my recollections of who they are is very limited this time. Fourth from the left is Elsie Collings (A future Carnival Queen, or was she a previous one of 1950), and second from the right is one of the Wallis sisters. If any one can help with identification, please contact us.
A very serious looking gentleman, a bit reminiscent of Blakey offrom 1970’s TV sitcom “On The Buses” fame, ensuring the safety of the mounted guardsman, both participants in Tibshelf’s procession celebrating the Coronation of King George VI on May 12th 1937
A happier looking bunch on this float as it passes by Spa Croft, on its way no doubt, to the Sports Ground.
This float looks as though its about to enter the Sports Ground with its group of Tibshelf youngsters who appear to be representing certain aspects of the British Empire, including, it would appear, Britannia on the left.

The theme of this float is “Crossing the Line”, i.e., sailing over the equator (I never knew that was located on Newton Road !!!!!). Does anyone recognise anyone on these floats, or if you were one of the youngsters, it could have been you? As these photos were taken nearly 80 years ago, any octogenarians could be there on the floats or the horse. Please let us know.